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Available Puppies (click here)

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Puppy schedule for Fall 2017 and the New Year 2018 We are hoping Lucy is pregnant . She is our AI girl. She is not romantic in the slightest bit. But she has the most beautiful puppies and is a fantastic momma. So we go to the hassel of AI. So we are thinking she [...]

BGG’s Silver Lining Titus (click here)

January 27, 2015 by  
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¬†Young Titus and Eli on a walk   Titus is sire to all our puppies here on the farm. He is a very loyal boy and gentle. He is also very funny. He bumps me with his nose more than any weim I have ever owned! If I am not giving him enough attention he [...]

Our Beck’s Grey Ghost Grace (click here)

July 3, 2014 by  
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Grace is a very humble girl. Wyatt loves to “read” to Grace. I think Grace loves it more . She will be so still and let Wyatt lay all over her. A sweet picture. Grace is a fantastic momma! She usually has a large litter and will love her babies until they are taken to [...]

Our Beck’s Grey Ghost Sweet Eva (click here)

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Meet our Sweet Eva. She holds a special spot in my heart. She was born on my Grandmother’s birthday so I named Eva after her. My Grandmother lived with us here on our little farm for quite a while and we had a ball with her. She was a very young 97 at the time. [...]

Our Beck’s Grey Ghosts Mori (click here)

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    This is BGG’s Moriah Mae “Mori” is a wonderful girl. She is so gentle and calm. I love her body build. She is tall and graceful with a beautiful, traditionally square Weimaraner head. Very pretty!! Mori loves being inside. She will gently touch the door handle to let us know she wants in. [...]

Our Beck’s Greyghost’s Eli’s Lucy (click here)

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Lucy Our Eli has wanted his very own Weimaraner for a long time. He was promised to be able to keep this little girl when she was born. It has been so fun! He was there when she came into this world and has been by her side since. Eli loves his Lucy and Lucy [...]

Tornado and our Weims

May 9, 2011 by  
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Hello Everyone, This is to update everyone waiting on Lexie’s puppies and those of you who enjoy following our weim stories. We lost our home and all of our outbuildings in the tornado on April 27th. Our family is safe and Flicka’s puppies are safe. Atticus, Lexie, and Bailey are safe. We did lose our [...]


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Denise, I thought I’d send you an update on Arnie that you can put under your Puppy Stories tab. Arnie is about 7 months old now, a solid 64 pounds as of last week, and a member of the family in every sense of the word. He follows us around and the house, always watching [...]

Double vision

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Blue brothers from previous litter


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I bought a weimaraner from you back in 2006. I want to tell you he has been the best dog I could have ever asked for! I want to send you pictures of him. He was one of Rugen’s puppies ( I dont know the moms name). What is your email address? I am so [...]

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