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Available Puppies (click here)

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Puppy schedule for Fall 2017 and the New Year 2018

We are hoping Lucy is pregnant :) . She is our AI girl. She is not romantic in the slightest bit. But she has the most beautiful puppies and is a fantastic momma. So we go to the hassel of AI. So we are thinking she will have puppies on November the 10th.

We have a due date for Eva :) December 6th should be her day. Our Gus is the dad to this litter. He is the most beautiful  weim! I am super excited to see his babies! Picture of him posted below.


Deposits are $150 (check by mail or paypal) and then the remaining is due in cash on pickup date. Total price is $900

 If you are interested in placing a deposit, you may contact me by phone or text, 706-676-0293 or email me at

Our puppies are raised in our home with us until they are three weeks old. We so enjoy these happy babies. They are spoiled rotten! When they are three weeks old we move them to our “puppy barn”. It is hardwood floored with access to a grass run. This way their moms can teach them to potty outside. We still play with them daily when they move to their “big puppy” living.



We only have four weimaraner mommies. This allows us to give every puppy the loving and spoiling they need to be perfect, loyal weims. We have a ball spoiling them. It does make the wait a little longer sometimes when we have more families waiting for our babies than we can raise and still have the high quality care we give them. We think it’s so worth the wait. :) It is usually not too long.

Visit us on Instagram and see all the wonderful pictures of past puppies and some that we post as well.

Have a beautiful day and thank you for visiting us :)



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4 Responses to “Available Puppies (click here)”
  1. Jennifer London says:

    We have a blue female from a 2011 litter. She is the light of my (our) life. All of my Weims were special, but Kaia is utterly unique. She’s going to be seven, and we’re thinking we might want to get a puppy (from your family) soon while she’s young enough to enjoy her, and just maybe imprint a little bit of her incredible personality on the new baby. Thank you for allowing us to bring this incredibly special person (yes, she’s a dog, but you’d never know it if you met her) into our lives!

  2. Carol Wagner says:

    I am interest in either a gray male puppy or adopting a weimraner that is a little older

  3. Denise says:

    Hey Carol, we are expecting puppies again around the end of November or early December. Email me at dbecks4him@gmail.Com and I can give your more information.

  4. Denise says:

    Hey Jennifer! I would love for another of our Littles to be a part of your family. Email me at and I can give you more information on what will be arriving soon.
    Hug Kaia for us :) .

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