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Tornado and our Weims

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Hello Everyone,
This is to update everyone waiting on Lexie’s puppies and those of you who enjoy following our weim stories.

We lost our home and all of our outbuildings in the tornado on April 27th. Our family is safe and Flicka’s puppies are safe. Atticus, Lexie, and Bailey are safe. We did lose our sweet Rugen.

He was our original, first, Grey Ghost Weim and the reason we began raising puppies. Rugen was very intelligent and the sweetest weim you could ever meet. Just the week before Danny, Eli and myself went fishing in the pond. Rugen went swimming! I reminded him that he was an old grandpa. A beautiful day, a beautiful memory :) . We are so missing our friend.

The puppies from Flicka survived the tornado inside our home. God placed His hand of protection on them as the house and a very large pine tree fell across their crate in our office room. We are so thankful!! Their families came and picked them up early due to no place to keep them. They are all doing wonderful.

One family named their little fellow Rugen. That felt really good. Rugen was his grandad so it was very fitting. :)

Another puppy was named Eli. Guess I don’t have to mention how excited Eli was about that :) .

We so love our families that adopt our puppies. We have made lifelong friendships. Several families called, as far away as NJ, to check on us and our Weims after the storm. Several brought food and dog supplies, etc. for us.  God is so good! We are so thankful for all the love and help. Daily it continues and we keep thanking our Father for it and the love we are receiving from our friends and family.

Lexie is due around the middle of June. We hope to have our barn back up and have them in their “condo” unit instead of their “camping” unit. If not, she will be living with us in the basement of my dad’s home.

All is well considering. I did lose the waiting list we had for Lexie’s puppies. If you are checking back here, please contact me. The best way now is by cell phone or texting. Our internet service in down and we had to change providers. I’m not sure for how long our email address will still work.


Have a blessed day and I’ll post pictures of our Weims and their stories during the storm as things calm down a little more.

Thank you all for your prayers!!!!! They are felt! :)


The Becks…Danny, Denise, Ashley, Zackary, and Eli.

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