Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Our Farm

Hello!  frontfarmview1Welcome to our farm.  Have a look around and enjoy!  All pictures on this site are of our place, our Weims (past puppies or our pets), and our farm animals.

Our small farm in NW GA is a peaceful place to raise our children and happy weims. Danny and I have lived on the same old country road all our lives.  He was “the boy next door”.  Now, he’s the man I love. :)


Our favorite time of the year is spring.  red-blackcalfsmLittle babies are fun to watch as they learn to run and play.  The calves are playing in the pasture.  Early morning and late evening is a great time to watch as the momma cows feed their babies.  Little tails are swishing with happiness!

barn-kittens Kittens are in the barn.  Don’t you just love watching kittens play.  They need only their imagination to have fun.  Our momma cat keeps the barn full.  It seems she hardly gets one litter raised till she is expecting another!  You would think she would like a break.  piglets-mommd

The piglets were a wonderful surprise! The first piglet and one of our puppy litter’s first puppy was born at the very same time.  It was very late, or early a.m.,  when all the excitement started.  Cell phones kept us in touch with each other.  Only three little pigs, but 9 puppies!  It was a long night.


Our youngest, Eli is our official “Ear Rubber”.   He loves spoiling our puppies and his favorite way is to hold their ears while he talks to them.  It is the sweetest thing to see him with a puppy and that cute little Weim listening like it understands everything Eli is saying.


We also love to watch birds on our farm.  Eli enjoys hanging bird feeders and keeping them full.  We have to hang them high though, so the Weims will not catch our birds.

Our older children enjoy being outside.  Who needs TV anyway?  All of our older children help teach our puppies basic obedience.  Our girls enjoy horses.  KaraandAshley

They have a horse training business called “Gentle Hands”.  They also teach children to ride.  We got to enjoy watching them in our local rodeo this year.  They both did great!

Zackary enjoys dirtbikes.  We all go riding sometimes to enjoy just being together and laughing.  If we ride around the house, our Weims go with us!