Wednesday, July 17, 2019

About Us


Welcome to our farm in NW Georgia.  My husband, Danny, and I are very blessed to be raising our children on our small farm.  We have four children that are lights in our lives.

Danny was raised with weimaraners.  He grew up with four over the course of his childhood.  After getting married, he wanted another.  For his 35th birthday, we gave him Rugen.  He had been wanting a weim for a long time!  We found Rugen, our first weimaraner, nearby.  It was not easy finding him.  Danny was very excited about having a sweet gray cuddly in our lives.  Rugen was exceptional!  I had never known weims and fell in love with the breed instantly.

After seeing how wonderful Rugen was, we decided to raise puppies.  They have become a part of our farm.  The children have grown a lot since we first started in 2002.

We have taught our children responsibility, love of animals, and how to manage a small farm.  There is a lot of work in raising healthy puppies.  Everyone has enjoyed our adventure.  The best thing about our adventure is the sweet little gray and blue puppies that we get to enjoy and spoil!  They are beautiful!

Our adult weimaraners are our personal pets.  We love each of them.  They are Titus, Grace, Eva, Mori and Lucy.  They are all spoiled rotten and enjoy running around the farm with our other animals.

If you are looking for a very high quality, healthy, beautiful weim….we have one for you. :)

Enjoy looking around our farm.  Visit our Parents, Farm, Past Puppies, and Available Puppies pages.



Have a wonderful day!

Denise and family