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Gus (click here)

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BGG’s Blue Gus

(I will post pictures when I am away from home and have enough service)

Our Gus is a funny and very smart boy!

We raised him from our Lucy and Alabama Titus. Lucy is from our original weimaraner, Rugen. Gus looks so much like his great granddady!

He is tall and handsome and loves to hunt. We have trained him to hunt birds, however, we have no birds in our area. So we just

play with him and hide quail wings and get him to find them. He loves to play fetch and a good game of tug-o-war is right

up his alley! As big as he is, he still thinks he can sit in our laps. He will back up and sit on our feet if we don’t want to share our chair. LOL!

We have had on litter with Gus so far and his puppies are absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing his next litter.

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