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Our Beck’s Grey Ghosts Mori (click here)

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This is BGG’s Moriah Mae

“Mori” is a wonderful girl. She is so gentle and calm. I love her body build. She is tall and graceful with a beautiful, traditionally square Weimaraner head. Very pretty!!

Mori loves being inside. She will gently touch the door handle to let us know she wants in. I love that she doesn’t scratch to enter. She is very kind to my doors :) .


This is a picture of her in the kitchen with me. She makes every step that I do. If I am in one place long enough she will lay down and wait on me. In this picture, she laid on my foot and wanted a belly rub. She was expecting her first litter :) .

Weims will choose one member of the family as their favorite. Mori has chosen me. :)


Mori also loves playing with Eli, as all our Weimaraners do! Eli worked for days building a fort for himself. He also built Mori one. :) She loved it because it was cool inside. She even found her a toy to take inside and play with LOL!


This is Eli’s fort and the back of Mori’s fort to the right. Fun! Fun! Fun!

This fort is the product of tornado trees. Guess there can be good in all things if you look hard enough :)




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