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Hi Denise, I just wanted to send you some pictures of Banks and let you know that he’s doing great. We are at about 4.5 months now and so far everything is going very well. He’s nice and healthy, growing like crazy, and starting to really develop a personality. Last time I weighed him he was at 40lbs and that was about a week or two ago. I run him every morning and afternoon, and he comes with me to work a few times a week when Katie can’t watch him. He has learned sit, stay, drop, kennel, and bed pretty well and we’re having almost no accidents in the house. He’s turning out to be a pretty smart little guy. And also as you can see he’s a pretty handsome looking fellow too. We can’t thank you enough for everything, he has been a perfect fit for Katie and I. Hope all is well with you and the family, will send some more pictures later (think I have almost a thousand of them so far, he’s very photogenic.)





Hi Denise, was just looking back through some of the old pictures again. Not sure if I ever sent some of these to you, they’re from the day I picked him up from you guys. Great pics to look back at now. I also sent you a message from facebook where I made an album with some more up to date pictures as well.  And again, thanks for everything, can’t begin to tell you what a great dog he’s turning out to be.







What a sad face!!! Bath time! :)


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