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I bought a weimaraner from you back in 2006. I want to tell you he has been the best dog I could have ever asked for! I want to send you pictures of him. He was one of Rugen’s puppies ( I dont know the moms name). What is your email address? I am so glad I found this site!! I am now married and my husband would like to eventually get another weimaraner from ya’ll as well! Everyone that knows Bensley loves him!!!!!


Hey Erin!!!!

It is wonderful to hear from you.  I am so glad you are enjoying your weim!  Congratulations on getting married !!!

We are still raising puppies, as you can see, and enjoying it so much still.  Our site has been so much fun.  I have so much more to add to it.  I hope that next week I slow down and can get to work on it.  I have some great stuff from some of our families to put up.  I would love to add you to our site.

Our Rugen is getting older now and is slowing down.  It breaks my heart to even think of him not being here.  He has become a grandpa that loves all the puppies.  He is great with them.  They will be playing all around him and he will give us a look of “you know I’m too old for this!”  It just cracks me up!  He is so patient with them though.

I am so glad you found us.  It is great to hear from you and I can’t wait to see pictures of Bensley.

I’ll try to find you in our old records and find out who his mom is.

Have a blessed weekend!

Denise and family

Hey Denise!

Thank you very much for the congrats. I just am so excited I found you guys online!! I’ve attached some photos of  Bensley for you. He is such a great looking dog!!! Big boy for sure, I cant believe he will be 4 in September!   I hope you have a wonderful weekend & Happy Mother’s Day! I will keep in touch! Like I said we will be looking to get another weim soon!!




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