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I was clipping Lexie’s puppies tails today and thought of sharing my thoughts on Vets.

I think it  is very important to have a vet that you trust.  We love ours!  I know when I need her, she is available.  Whether just a phone call with a question or problems with delivery.

I also think it’s important that my vet does not go to extremes when we have a problem.  So far, over the 12 years of service, we have never had a large vet bill for any situation.  She is very reasonable about everything and does not try things just to run up a bill.  I love her common sense approach.

She taught me how to clip tails.  What a job!  I was so scared to try.  Then when I did, I could handle clipping the tails, it was the dew claws that bothered me so bad.  It was like little thumbs!  For a while I would clip their tails and then take them to her to clip their dew claws.  She would laugh at me and clip their dew claws.

I finally tried and now am very proficient at both. :) I love that she taught me instead of making me think that it was something that only a vet could do so that she didn’t lose the money.  A vet with love for my weims and my purse :) !

Find someone like that and you have a great care giver for your pets.  Home remedies are shared as well as medical services at top quality.

Good Luck

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